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May 11, 2010
By Jason in

This is in dire need of an update, but I put it up anyway. I suppose it’s better than nothing at all, BUT,  please stay tuned for an updated version!

Growing up listening to the sounds of punk and hardcore, life long
San Diego resident Jason discovered undergrounds in late 92. He began
buying various styles of electronic music. By the end of 93, he was
frequenting  parties happening in San Diego, and the occasional party
in Los Angeles. Through these experiences he realized that it was the
sound of Breakbeat Techno/’ardcore and Jungle that moved him. Having
already been a vinyl junkie, his obsession moved on to Jungle vinyl.
Jason slowly learned the art of Djing on hand-me-down gear from
various friends, slowly buying gear as he could. It was in October of 96 that he played his first
party, which happened to be one of the “TECHNOSTATE” parties in Los
Angeles called “Helter Skelter”.

In his ongoing search for more Jungle/DnB vinyl, Jason discovered
California Sound and Lighting in San Diego in  ’97. At the time it was a small shop with
an even smaller vinyl department. This became his main source in San
Diego for vinyl. He soon became responsible for all of the store’s
D&B ordering, which quickly changed the status of the quantity and quality of DnB flowing through
this pivotal shop all the way through the end of 2008.

In 1999 Jason began throwing miscellaneous events. His first
residency was at the legendary “PROPHECY”, a weekly event in San Diego
that set new standards in the quality of talent and sound being
brought to San Diego. After about a year, Jason along with a few of
the other residents of Prophecy began a new free weekly called
“|||DELETE|||”. Delete was dedicated to bringing the best San Diego
and Los Angeles based DJ’s , as well as giving up-and-coming talent a
chance to play to a knowledgeable crowd.  This was a move that has
made him the anchor for San Diego’s D&B community.

Over the years, Jason has played alongside some of the worlds top DnB DJ’s and
producers. Some of these include Bailey, TeeBee, Calyx, Klute, Usual
Suspects, Hive, Keaton, Dylan, Loxy, Ink, Evol Intent, Total Science, DJ Lee,  UFO, R.A.W. (aka 6BLOCC),
Dieselboy, AK1200, Dara, Psidream, Twisted Individual, Infiltrata aka 12th Planet, MRK1, D1, and the list goes on. As a member of the Los Angeles based “ALMOST FAMOUS” crew, as well as the San Diego based “DEEP” crew,
he has played many of the highest quality events in Southern California, such as all of the
“TIME MACHINE” events, all 5 “FUTURA/BassCon” events in Mexico, “RESPECT”, “FUNCTION” by Insomniac,
“BASSRUSH”,  “THE RAPTURE”, “PURE FILTH”, “I LOVE LA” , “D.A.B.S.” (Drum & Bass Sessions), and many others on multiple
occasions,and is in high demand. Keep an eye out for this “throwback” dj at a night near you.